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Future Delivered.

We bring the digital touch to all that want to experience it.


What We Do

Mutuum is an evolving digital organisation nested in the heart of the digital future. With a dedicated team we focus on the needs of the world to come, building solutions that embrace change & drive the future.

With a clear understanding that we are at a pivot point in digital evolution, we pride ourselves on the ability to enhance the human experience within this new digital world.

We bring the digital touch to all that want to experience it.

We have four pillars driving us towards the future, digital evolutions, appropriate use of data, transparency of the digital footprint and enhancing the human experience.

What we do

Digital Solution Development:

We believe in enhancing the human experience through the use of digital platforms. We look beyond the simple process of developing systems and look to leverage the evolving digital world around us to create a new ecosystem of opportunities which are hinged on the digital world build for the human race.

What we do


As our world starts to connect and we advance digital technologies we have access to more information (data) than ever before allowing us the ability to shape the world we live in. We believe the IoT environment can provide transparency and accountability in ways that have not been achieved before and the utilisation of this information will enhance the human experience of the world.

What we do

Data Synthesis & Machine learning:

With all the talk and focus on data, we look at the ability to synthesise and create value through the accurate and appropriate use of data to enhance the world around us. Leveraging the ability to learn from data is a key and machine learning applications and algorithms allow us to interpret, understand and pivot where needed.

What we do


Ensuring that all data and learning can be tracked and traced is imperative in ensuring accountability within any ecosystem. Leveraging on cryptography and the integrity of blockchain environments allows us to ensure the data provided through IoT, synthesised and interpreted with machine learning algorithms is trackable and traceable throughout the environment.

We bring the digital touch to all that want to experience it.


Optimising production and reducing costs for energy organisations as well as helping businesses and consumers to manager their energy flows.


Improving customer experience, optimising supply chain operations and creating new revenue streams.


Getting real-time information about fleet performance.


Connectivity is changing the way people engage with their cars, homes, and bodies—and insurers are looking to keep pace.

Smart Home’s & Cities

Bringing more manageability and comfort for tenants, homeowners and communities.


Monitoring operating conditions and performance levels of buildings and equipment.

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